Foundation 1: Wisdom

Through study and careful attention we develop wisdom of how things are, including the nature of impermanence, contentment, and identity

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Foundation 2: Contemplation

An important part of the practice includes meditation techniques for developing calm, concentration, self-understanding, presence, self-compassion, and loving kindness

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Foundation 3: Community

We live together and need each other; we gather together to support each other, to learn from each other, to celebrate our successes, and console each others grief

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American Secular Buddhism

Our mission is to support the use of study, mindfulness, and sharing to explore how our lives can be changed for the better by:

  • an understanding of what brings contentment and what does not
  • an affirmation of our inherent wisdom and goodness
  • an appreciation of the interrelationship between wisdom, contemplation, and interdependence

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